ChemSol 2.0 on-line

ChemSol program is designed for calculation of solvation energies by using Langevin Dipoles model of the solvent (water). User only supplies a molecular structure and corresponding atomic charges using this form. To learn more about possible formats of input data follow active links below.
1. free format file Gaussian output file ChemSol input file
2. Filename:
  Use the space below if you want to type in input data in
free format instead of sending a file.
3. verbose output
4. your e-mail: 

  1. First choose what kind of file you want to send.

  2. Select a file on your local disk using the "Browse" button or fill in the space bellow. If you checked free format and the textarea is not empty the program will use the free format data regardless whether you chose a file or not.

  3. To see detailed output of the ChemSol program check "verbose output".

  4. If you want to be on our mailing list, please, fill in your e-mail address.

  5. Hit the button "Send" and in a few moments you will (hopefuly) see the result. However, if your Gaussian output file is several MB big it may take a while to transfer it. To start over clear the form using button "clear".

last updated: Mar, 2002 by m.s.